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Our Fees

Our fees are based on the actual time involved in meeting with you in person or over the phone, researching and analyzing your current situation, and providing specific recommendations and implementation assistance (if appropriate) at a rate of $250 per hour.

Financial planning fees are determined on a project basis; the total fee for a financial plan will vary from client to client based on the specific needs and complexity of your situation.  Integrated plans addressing all aspects of your financial situation typically involve 10-15 hours of work and meeting time; questions regarding one or two issues will generally take only a few hours.  Annual reviews and second opinions usually range from 2 to 4 hours.

Fees will not exceed the estimated range without your express approval.  Once your financial plan is complete most clients prefer to reduce costs by following our detailed implementation instructions to follow through with our recommendations. If help with implementation is desired we can certainly assist. However, implementation assistance is not included in our fee estimates, but is charged separately at our hourly rates.

Section 212 of the Internal Revenue Code allows an itemized deduction for tax and/or investment advice in the miscellaneous section of Schedule A. It is subject to a 2% floor of the adjusted gross income on a personal tax return.